Water Main Replacement--2022

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Water main replacement project to begin

The City of Fort Atkinson will begin construction this week on water main replacement, road reconstruction, sanitary repairs and some stormwater improvements on the south side of the City. Streets include portions of Peterson St., Adrian Blvd., Gail Pl., Grove St., Spry Ave., Maple St. and Grant St. The project will run until early October.

Peterson Street will be completely reconstructed with sidewalks added to both sides of the street. All other streets will have work occur only between the curbs. Residents will have access to their homes at all times during construction. On-street parking will be limited during active construction. Residents will be notified if their driveway approach will be replaced. Residents will also be notified of short duration water shut-offs while water laterals are connected to the new water main.


The City will keep a weekly update of project progress and anticipated work for the upcoming week that we will post to a project page on the City website www.fortatkinsonwi.gov/projects and push out through our Facebook page, generally on Fridays.

Those with questions may contact Andy Selle, City Engineer/Director of Public Works at aselle@fortatkinsonwi.net or 920-563-7760 or after July 1 at 920-397-9901 or aselle@fortatkinsonwi.gov.