Water Main Replacement

2024 Water main replacement project

Taking advantage of the warm weather the City of Fort Atkinson will begin road and utility work earlier than usual this year.

The 2024 right-of-way work will focus on water main replacement on Cloute St. (all), Zaffke St. (Caswell St. to Messmer St.), Caswell St. (Roosevelt to Zaffke) and Nelson St. (Messmer to Madison Ave). In addition, sanitary sewer replacement will occur on Maple St. (6th St. to Park St.), Grant St (6th St to Park St.), Park St (Grant St. to Grove St.), and a short section of Grove St. just south of Park St. All of Grove St. between Park St. and Rockwell Ave. will be repaved. 

Water main replacement will start on Rogers St., then progress to Nelson, Cloute, Zaffke, and Caswell. Sewer main replacement will occur on Park St. over spring break, then progress up Grant and Maple.

All roads will remain open to local residents of those streets being worked except in short windows where work is occurring directly in front of their homes. Residents may be disconnected from water or sewer for short periods of time (a few hours) as the new services are connected. Residents will receive notice at least 24 hours in advance of these planned disruptions. Garbage collection will continue as scheduled.

Through traffic should seek other routes around the work areas. Those with questions should call City Engineer/Director of Public Works Andy Selle at 920-397-9901.

Cloute Caswell Nelson Messmer Zaffke

Park Grove Maple Grant

Rogers St

Those with questions may contact Andy Selle, City Engineer/Director of Public Works at 920-397-9901 or aselle@fortatkinsonwi.gov.