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Direct Seller/Door-to-Door Permit: (Peddlers, Solicitors) Any individual or business that would like to sell items going door-to-door at residential properties must first obtain a direct seller license.

Missing Adult and Missing Juvenile Worksheets: To report a missing person.

Vulnerable Citizen's Registry Form: This form will be utilized to develop an in-house record for citizens who have dementia related signs/symptoms or for youth who suffer from Autism Spectrum Disorder. This inhouse record will allow us to place a warning or flag on the person in our internal records system and act as an immediate resource for officers on the street. A recent photo is also encouraged when requesting this service. 

No Consent Form Confirms the victim did not allow consent for crime committed against them.

Crime Victim Information Form for Wisconsin. This 2020 updated form provides information for victims of crime

Open Records Request Requires to obtain information from the Police Department.

Parking Ticket Consideration

Vacation Notice Provide information to the Police Department including departure and return dates, local key holder, and name and phone number for emergency purposes.

Written Statement Complete and provide to the Police Department.

Citizen Ride Along Request Form  This form is required for a citizen ride-along with a police officers of this agency.

DJ-LE-330 Application for Employment for Law Enforcement