Cross Connection Inspection

Residential Cross Connection Surveys are performed in accordance with WI DNR 810.15, Chapter-Comm. 81, 82, and 84 and the Local Municipal Ordinance for Cross Connection Control Safety.

Inspections can occur at routine meter change-outs. They are performed in order to protect the potable water supply from interconnections between potable and nonpotable water. As required by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, the Utility now requires follow-up inspections to ensure that all identified cross-connections are eliminated. Beginning in 2013, the Utility provided 2 free backflow preventers to customers if this would bring them into compliance and avoid a re-inspection. This was well received by customers as it eliminated the requirement to schedule another appointment for the re-inspection.

During cross-connection appointments, the following items may be inspected: Water Softener Drain, Stop Sink, Inside Hose Bibb(s), Toilet(s), Boiler, Humidifier, Outside Hose Bibb(s), Lawn Irrigation Systems and Hand Held Showers.

For a Q&A/overview on cross-connections, click here. To review the comprehensive cross-connection manual, click here.