Applications and license fees are to be submitted to the Clerk/Treasurer's office for review, approval and license issuance. Please direct any questions to the Clerk's office, (920) 397-9901.

Operator (Bartender): Those selling or serving alcoholic beverages must be licensed in the City of Fort Atkinson. Selling and serving includes: bartending, waiter/waitress, cashier, sales clerk, serving and retail sales. Applicants must provide proof of completion of a Responsible Beverage Server Course. www.learn2serve.comClick here for the application.

Temporary Retailer's: Available to bona fide clubs, lodges/society, church, veteran's association that would like to sell fermented beer or wine. This license is not for businesses and cannot be issued to a premise that is a licensed premise (ex. tavern). Click here for the application.

Direct Seller / Door-to-Door: (Peddlers, Solicitors) Any individual or business that would like to sell items going door-to-door at residential properties must first obtain a direct seller license. Click here for the application.

Cigarette & Tobacco: Businesses selling tobacco and tobacco related products at a retail location. Click here for the application.

Mobile Merchant: Individuals or Businesses that will be selling products from a mobile location on private or public property. Click here for the application.

New / Original Alcoholic Beverage License: Application to be used for businesses to sell alcoholic products. This is an annual license that would require the Renewal Alcoholic Beverage License application for the next licensing period. This is not a license for an individual to sell products - see Operator. Click here for the application.

Renewal Alcoholic Beverage License: Required annually for license holders that sell alcoholic products. Click here for the application.