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Welcome to Fort PD!

The City of Fort Atkinson is boasted as one of Wisconsin’s Safest Cities. A strong contributor to this safe and vibrant community is the men and women that make up this police department. Applying our Mission in our daily work directly results in our achievements. Our Vision, what perfect looks like to us, keeps us motivated to always try harder and to also be an innovative and agile team as we achieve our goals.

Out of our team approach to service, our agency developed our Shared Values & Agency Motto. Our Shared Values are just that. Values we all share and have in common. Values we bring to the table individually and found through development that we equally share. A true reflection of what we value as a team. Because of our strong emphasis on teamwork and service, a Motto came about. A unique approach to further recognize our driving principles. “Focused” We are Team Focused, Community Focused and Service Focused.

I invite you to take a deeper look into our agency and enjoy our site while you learn more about our agency and its history. You will learn more about the men and women that work hard to protect this Fort. 

Agency Mission, Vision, Shared Values & Motto

Adrian Bump
Chief of Police