Stormwater Utility

The City became Phase II Permitted Community in November 2006, mandating a reduction in the pollution being discharged from our storm sewer system. The City is required to develop pollution reduction ordinances, establish an educational program, and reduce our suspended solids discharge to the surrounding waterways. The City has adopted the ordinances, joined with other communities to develop an educational program, and has completed a plan to reduce the pollution discharge. The plan involves the construction of detention ponds, purchasing a new vacuum sweeper, and cleaning and maintaining the existing storm sewer system, at an estimated cost of $3.5 to $4.0 million over six years. The Plan will be modified to meet the additional requirements of the Rock River TMDL (Total Maximum Daily Load) requirements that have been developed and approved by the State.

The City is funding this work through a Stormwater Utility and fee structure. The fee charged is based on the impervious area on a parcel. Single-family parcels are charged one (1) ERU (equivalent runoff unit) which represents 3,096 square feet of impervious area. Duplexes are billed at 0.7 ERUs/unit/year, and three and four family units are billed at 0.5 ERUs/unit/year. Five family and larger units, commercial, industrial, schools, and churches have their impervious areas measured to determine their stormwater fees. Those fees are based on the number of ERUs for each parcel. The fees appeared on the water and sewer bill in January 2010.

Click here for the Annual Stormwater Report to the DNR.