Wheel Tax

  • Vehicle Registration Fee (Wheel Tax)

    In November 2015, Fort Atkinson became the tenth Wisconsin municipality to institute a municipal vehicle registration fee to assist in keeping the city streets in good shape. Commonly referred to as a wheel tax, it is paid on top of the annual vehicle registration fee paid to the state. By Wisconsin statute, the money only can be spent on transportation needs. The fee is $20 per year on every vehicle registered in the City of Fort Atkinson. 

    Some area residents who have Fort Atkinson mailing addresses but who reside outside of the city, such as in the Town of Koshkonong, have received notices that include the wheel tax.

    For vehicles not kept within the city limits, the postcard recipients need to cross out the statement of City of Fort Atkinson and just write in ‘Town of Koshkonong’ or ‘Town of Jefferson’ or their township and deduct the $20 fee from their payment.

    Residents of the towns of Hebron, Oakland, Koshkonong and Jefferson might receive a renewal notice that includes the fee due to having a Fort Atkinson mailing address. Those vehicle owners should simply mail their renewal notice or apply in person, indicating the correct information on the notice and submit the appropriate fee.

    Per state statute, any person who gives a false address or location where a vehicle is customarily kept in an application for registration may be fined not more than $200 or imprisoned not more than 6 months or both.

    Sec. 94-804. - Imposition of motor vehicle registration fee.

    (a) Pursuant to section 341.35, Wis. Stats., an annual flat city registration fee as set forth herein in the amount of $20.00 is hereby imposed upon all motor vehicles in the State of Wisconsin that are customarily kept in the city.
    (b)This fee shall be paid by the registration applicant at the time that a motor vehicle is first registered and at each time of registration renewal.
    (c)The city registration fee shall be paid as provided in Wis. Stats. § 341.35(5).
    (d)The city registration fee shall be in addition to state registration fees.

    (Ord. No. 737, 11-17-15)

    Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) shall retain a portion of the moneys collected equal to the actual administrative costs related to the collection of these fees (currently $0.10 per motor vehicle). The method for computing the administrative costs will be reviewed annually by the WisDOT, as provided in Wis. Stats. § 341.35.

    (Ord. No. 737, 11-17-15)

    The following motor vehicles are exempt from the annual Fort Atkinson vehicle registration fee:
    (1) All vehicles exempted by Wis. Stats. ch. 341 from payment of a state vehicle registration fee.
    (2) All vehicles registered by the State under Wis. Stats. § 341.26 for a fee of $5.00.

    (Ord. No. 737, 11-17-15)

  • No city vehicle registration fee may be imposed on a motor vehicle which is a replacement for a motor vehicle for which a current city vehicle registration fee has been paid.

    (Ord. No. 737, 11-17-15)

  • Sec. 94-808. - Deposit of fee revenues—Administration.

    (a)All moneys under this application statute and this chapter remitted to the city by the WisDOT or other applicable agency shall be deposited into the city's general fund.
    (b)The city clerk/treasurer shall be responsible for the administration of this chapter and funds.