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The Engineering Department has the responsibility for the planning, review, design, and inspection for public works construction projects within the City. 

These projects include:

This Engineering Department, or a private consultant, provides project plans/specifications and construction inspection to ensure the City will obtain the best facilities.

Prior to construction starting, we work to compile information for public meetings, and assessment/credit information, if necessary, for each affected property. Maps and legal descriptions are prepared for annexations, easements, right-of-way dedications, and land acquisitions. Plans and specifications for all residential and commercial street construction are also reviewed for compliance with City standards.

During the construction projects, the location of sanitary sewers stubs and wyes, and water lateral connections are documented and recorded for future development or maintenance work. Maps of the City utilities; storm sewer, sanitary sewer, and water are produced and maintained for future use. The Engineering Department also coordinates the work of the gas, electric, and telephone utilities using the street right-of-way, to minimize public inconvenience and impacts on City utilities, and to ensure the proper development of the City.

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