Municipal Court

Fort Atkinson's Municipal Court convenes for Initial Appearances twice each month on Monday evenings in order to hear all pleas resulting from citations issued by the Fort Atkinson Police Department for violations of the Wisconsin Traffic Code, as well as violations of the City's Municipal Code of Ordinances. Initial appearances consist of both an Adult and a Juvenile Docket, with Juvenile cases held individually in order to assure confidentiality. A number of steps have been taken in recent years to increase the dialog between the court and the City's schools. Juvenile first offenders are encouraged to make better choices and to take advantage of their educational opportunities. The numbers of Juvenile Cases related to truancy have decreased in each of the past three years.

A Pre-Trial Conference with City Attorney David Westrick is held for anyone who enters a plea of Not Guilty at Initial Appearance. If a resolution can't be reached at that conference, a trial is held. Those trials take place on Monday evenings when no Initial Appearances are scheduled. Court personnel include Debi Hayes, Court Clerk, Captain Chad Lange, Court Officer and Municipal Judge Chuck Frandson.

Along with courtroom and Wis DOT communication responsibilities, Clerk Hayes collects forfeitures and disburses funds to the State of Wisconsin and Jefferson County as required.