Watermain replacement construction update

Last week:

  • New water main installation began at north end of Grove Street and progressed to the south.
  • Peterson Street was constructed to subgrade and geogrid subgrade reinforcement was installed followed by crushed aggregate base course.
  • Sidewalk preparation on Peterson Street has begun.
  • Spot curb replacement work began on Spry Street and Grant Street.

This week:

  • New water installation will begin on Gail Place.
  • Concrete sidewalk will be poured on Peterson Street.  Concrete typically requires a minimum of 7 days to achieve adequate strength to support pedestrian and vehicle traffic.  Heavier vehicles such as garbage trucks and school buses would require more time for the concrete to properly cure.
  • Preparation for curb and gutter replacement on Spry Street and Grant Street will continue.

20220720 Peterson sidewalk prep - Copy  20220720 Water main digging on Grove  - Copy