Winter weather

A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for our area. The Department of Public Works has been closely monitoring the forecast weather over the last several days and more snow will arrive starting very late tonight and throughout the morning tomorrow. The greatest impacts will be limited visibility and snow accumulations during the Friday AM commute.

DPW will be pretreating with liquid brine during the day today, and possibly some pretreated granular product later in the afternoon. The goal will be to attack this event in the early stages and try to hold off plowing until absolutely necessary, as some the roadways are still stabilizing after a very mild winter and some recent rain events.

We appreciate your continued patience as we cope with this weather event. We will actively manage the highways and main streets before the snowfall and address the area plowing needs as it becomes necessary. There may be residential streets not plowed due to existing construction activities and saturated subgrade materials, however, we will work to keep the highways, mains, and bridges passable throughout the snowfall.
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