K-9 Unit

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The Fort Atkinson Police K9 Unit was established in 2015 when our department received a donated police K9. Since 2015 the K9 unit has worked to create a well established K9 program. The K9 unit is fully supported through donations and fundraisers as to not use taxpayer dollars towards the program.

Dino (Our First Pup 2015-2018)

In 2015 we received our first K9, Dino. He was a year and a half old German Shepherd.  Dino was paired with his handler, Officer Benjamin Boeve. They completed K9 School and hit the streets in early 2015. Dino was trained in narcotics, tracking, apprehension and handler protection. Dino was very popular with many residents of Fort Atkinson and helped establish the program. In early 2018 Dino was retired to his handler’s family due environmental limitations.

Bolt 2018-2021

In February 2018 the Fort Atkinson Police Department purchased its second K9, Bolt. Bolt was purchased through funds raised by donations and fundraisers. Bolt was purchased from Jessifany Canine LLC. Bolt was one and a half years old when he entered service. Bolt is a pure bred Belgium Malinois, that was imported from the Czech. Republic.  Bolt was trained as a dual purpose K9. This means that he was trained in narcotics detection, protection/ apprehension, tracking, and evidence recovery. Bolt was a high energy, work focused dog. Bolt was officially retired from service in July 2021 and is now serving as a companion dog for a retired Marine Corp. Veteran. 

The K9 Unit remains a non-budgeted program that relies on community partnerships, donations, and fundraisers. If you have any questions about how you can help the program, want to make donations, or learn more about the K9 Unit use the below link to visit the Fort Atkinson Community Foundation. 

Fort Atkinson Community Foundation