Communications Division

Communication Division banner

The Communications Division of the Fort Atkinson Police Department is a very vital component within the Police Department. The Communications Division is the first point of contact between our Police Department and the citizens of Fort Atkinson. The Communications Division is currently staffed with five (5) full-time and five (5) part-time Emergency Telecommunicators or Dispatchers who provide 24/7 coverage for our community.

The job of our Emergency Telecommunicators consists of multiple responsibilities which include:
Answering Telephones (911 and administrative lines)
Dispatch Resources to Emergency & Non-Emergency Calls for Service
Data Entry on calls for service
Maintaining radio communications with Police, Fire & EMS
Running Queries (driver’s license, warrant & background checks)
Maintaining accurate State and National entries and records.
Monitoring Facility Security
Assisting customers at the front lobby window

These duties are performed consecutively, making multitasking a very important skill for anyone desiring to become an Emergency Telecommunicator.

Technology is a key component to providing fast, accurate and proficient services to our citizens.  We make every effort to equip our Communications Division with the industry's top technology to assist in performing their multiple tasks. Due to the multiple programs and services needed for this profession, our Communication Consoles are equipped with three (3) different computers and five (5) monitors to see all information needed.

Our Emergency Communications Specialists are dedicated to the service of the community and work hard to be there for you when you need us the most. Here are a few simple tips that you can use to help us when calling in for assistance:

Stay Calm:
We understand that you may be in the center of an emergency situation, remaining calm will help us obtain the information needed to send the correct response to you.

Speak Clearly:
It is very important for us to get the correct information to determine the best way to assist you, so speaking clearly is a very important element.

Our Emergency Communications Specialists are trained to ask pertinent questions to assist with determining the correct response for your situation, listening and answering our questions assist us in providing quick and accurate information needed in getting our responders to you as fast as possible. It may appear as a delay, but these questions are essential to the safety of our responders and will not delay the response. While our Emergency Telecommunicator is obtaining vital information, he/she is also sending responders to the emergency, updating them with new information as it’s obtained. Please stay on the line if asked, as this too, will help us adapt to change as many emergency situations change and evolve while emergency personnel is responding.