New phone numbers, domain name to change July 1

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DATE:              June 3, 2022

TO:                  Local Media Outlets

FROM:             Rebecca Houseman LeMire, City Manager

RE:                   New phone numbers, domain name to change July 1

The City of Fort Atkinson will be implementing new phone numbers, a new .gov domain name and email addresses starting on July 1, 2022.

The City will be switching to new VOIP phones, which are internet-based and allow for more accessibility for the public. The City was unable to transfer the current phone numbers to the new phone system, resulting in new phone numbers for every City department and facility, except the Dwight Foster Library.

Access to the new website address,, will be seamless for residents. The new email addresses for staff and elected officials will end with the domain name.

The new phone numbers effective July 1, 2022 are:

920-397-9901 – City Hall / Municipal Building main line
920-397-9902 – Utility Billing Specialist
920-397-9903 – Electrician
920-397-9904 – Municipal Court Clerk
920-397-9905 – Police Department
920-397-9907 – Police Department (Crime stoppers)
920-397-9908 – Fire Department
920-397-9909 – Public Works Department
920-397-9910 – Recreation Office
920-397-9912 – Parks Shop
920-397-9913 – Senior Center
920-397-9914 – Museum
920-397-9916 – Water Department (Water Street location)
920-397-9917 – Wastewater Treatment Plant

City departments will be available at their current phone numbers until July 1, 2022. Those who need to contact City departments or employees should save the new phone numbers and email addresses.