Snow clean up and garbage pickup update

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DATE:              January 15, 2024

TO:                  Local Media Outlets

FROM:             Sarah Weihert, Public Relations Executive Assistant

RE:                   Snow cleanup and garbage pickup update

The City of Fort Atkinson, along with most parts of the Midwest, was hammered by a brutal snowstorm last Friday. The City’s Department of Public Works continues to work tirelessly to finish the cleanup that occurs when a foot of snow falls.

The City declared a Snow Emergency on Saturday to get most of the snowfall off the streets but the brutal cold that followed has made cleanup difficult in areas of the City and beyond.

“The City of Fort Atkinson Public works team was out in force during the recent winter snow event, and throughout the weekend. We would like to commend all of our businesses, and residents, for their patience and understanding during a large event such as this. Your prompt attention to the sidewalks and crosswalks is greatly appreciated,” said Tom Williamson, Superintendent of Public Works.

Williamson also thanked the Public Works crews for working diligently, in very difficult conditions, to keep roadways, public parking areas and pedestrian pathways passable during the storm and for the quick clean up after the snowfall subsided.

“Thanks to everyone’s combined hard work the City is in remarkably great shape to start off the week,” he said.

Residents are also reminded not to plow or shovel snow into the street during snow removal and to keep garbage cans off the street. Removing snow on the terrace or placing them at the end of the driveway is advised. It is also important to clear snow away from fire hydrants.

GFL, the City’s refuse contractor, is behind on routes due to the storm. They are working to finish up last week’s routes Monday and Tuesday, but due to the extreme temperatures, the company does not have the normal amount of trucks on the road. The company is getting trucks up and running as soon as possible. Residents can look to the City’s website and Facebook page for updates on garbage and recycling this week.