Compost Site Update

Important reminder! Do not deposit any charcoal grill, fireplace, burn pile, firepit, ash debris or remnant materials at the Compost Site. These items are not accepted and present a hazard to the public and staff. Materials deposited over the weekend resulted in a fire Monday at the site.

Acceptable items include brush (under 6” diameter), mowed grass clippings, leaves, garden and flower plant materials.

Unacceptable items include stumps, logs, root balls, sod, dirt, rocks, gravel, commercial landscape waste, construction debris, concrete, kitchen or food waste, cardboard, paper or plastic bags, charcoal grill, fireplace, burn pile, firepit or ash debris, household trash or garbage of any kind.

Any person caught illegally dumping unacceptable items at the compost site may be subject to a minimum fine of $250 plus disposal fees.