Leaf pickup to begin

The City of Fort Atkinson will begin leaf pickup on Monday, Oct. 30 and will continue weekly for four weeks. The public should limit piles to leaves only on the terrace no yard debris such as; grass, brush, dirt or soils of any kind, garden plants, sod, garbage, or anything other than leaves is allowed.
Leaves are not to be placed in the street. Leaves in the street slow down the sweeping process and cause clogs in the storm sewer system.
The Department of Public Works will collect leaves in an orderly fashion and cause as little damage to the terrace area as possible however, should some minor damage occur the department will return in the spring to restore the damage at the same they repair any plow damage that may happen over the winter. The City continues to provide this service as a courtesy, and benefit, to our residents and to protect the City’s valuable waterways.

Leaf Pickup to start - Copy