Enbridge Energy donates truck to Fort Atkinson Police

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DATE:              October 5, 2023

TO:                  Local Media Outlets

FROM:             Adrian Bump, Chief of Police

RE:                   Enbridge Energy donates truck to Fort Atkinson Police

Enbridge Energy Co. officials were in Fort Atkinson recently to donate a Chevy Silverado pickup truck to the Fort Atkinson Police Department. The vehicle is one of several trucks the company has donated in the area over the past few years as part of its Community Investment and Safe Community programs.

The company donated a truck to the police department several years ago that recently made the transition to the Public Works Department.

“We have our trucks come out of service and we donate them to local organizations that have the need for them, so we can support the communities we go through and work in,” said Enbridge technical supervisor John Schwarz.

He commented that everybody has a tight budget, so the donation is a way for the company to help out local communities.

He noted that, through programs like truck donations, community investments, the Safe Community Grant Program and the active involvement of employees in those organizations, Enbridge supports communities and emergency responders in its areas of operations throughout the United States and Canada.

“The City is very appreciative of Enbridge’s donation of this truck to the Police Department,” said City Manager Rebecca Houseman. “The truck is in great condition, and staff will likely use it for another 8-10 years, reducing the need to spend property tax dollars on a similar vehicle. The City is thankful for Enbridge’s generosity and commitment to our community.”



Enbridge Energy Co. donated a Chevy Silverado to the Fort Atkinson Police Department recently. Seen from left are Police Chief
Adrian Bump; John Schwarz, technical supervisor for Enbridge; Lt. Ben Lindsey and City Manager Rebecca Houseman.