Fort Atkinson Kwik Trip Grand Opening

LOGO 2019

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At left, Kwik Trip regional leaders talk during the grand opening of the new Kwik Trip store on Janesville Avenue. At right, Don Zietlow, president and CEO of Kwik Trip, discusses his background growing up and working on a dairy farm and his journey toward becoming a partial owner of Kwik Trip before his family took sole ownership of the company. Zietlow said Kwik Trip's bakeries bake between 25-30 different items a day and every gallon of milk is bottled within 24 hours of reaching their dairy. Co-workers at the store share 40% of the chain's pre-tax profits. Kwik Trip purchased the former Fort Atkinson Stop and Go location several years ago in preparation for the new store in Fort Atkinson. With the hard work of Kwik Trip officials and City officials, the new store is now a reality and ready to serve the south side of the Fort Atkinson community.

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Kwik Trip donated $1,000 to the homeless coalition of Fort Atkinson.                                       Kwik Trip donated $1,000 to the Fort Atkinson Police Department. The funds will be used                                                                                                                                                                                                      to outfit the new squad car with radar.
Kwik Trip co-workers and representatives from the City of Fort Atkinson, Fort Atkinson Chamber of Commerce, elected officials, and more gathered to celebrate the opening of the Kwik Trip on Janesville Avenue. The store managers cut the ribbon at a ceremony Wednesday morning.

Kwik Trip, a La Crosse-based company,  opened for business in 1965 and today employs more than 30,000 people in 768 stores while serving 8.5 million guests per week in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois.